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by Tracy Reppert         

Messaging is frequently make-or-break for a product, yet so often it's an afterthought. Tremendous effort goes into visual design and information architecture, but the wrong word or lack of the right word can waste all that effort and lose the user in an instant.  

UX Writers are not marketers, copywriters or proofreaders, and they do much more than write. UX Writers are involved in the design from the end to end, because copy IS design. 

Microcopy has to be extremely economical yet translate complex systems and frequently play the role of salesperson. The UX Writer has a UX Design background because successful UX Content is based on a deep understanding of the entire development process, business goals, marketplace trends, brand identity, and user interests. 

Like the UX Designer, the UX Writer designs a user experience to be as smooth as possible, and like any good designer, turns less into more. 

  • The UX Writer is heavily involved in research as well, from the market landscape to analytics to rapid testing and remote testing. 
  • The UX Writer does not come in at the end and fix mistakes but is extremely collaborative, helping every person involved to articulate their goal and make it accessible. 
  • The UX Writer conveys the brand voice and vision at every touchpoint across all platforms while reflecting all behind-the-scenes insights. 

Messaging is UX, too. To get people to discover and return to your product, you have to integrate visuals, behaviors, architecture and language with simplicity, clarity, efficiency, and style. A UX Writer helps synchronize the whole experience.