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My background as a journalist is a big part of who I am as a UX designer and UX Content Writer. I wrote for The NY Times and The SF Chronicle and was online editor of PC Magazine. My last job before Macys.com was Communications Manager for Van Jones. In 2016, I went to tech boot camp for UX and joined Macys.com (which has 55 million visitors per month) shortly after. I love thinking about messaging in a whole new way for the e-commerce space. The same principle always applies: You have to catch and hold people's attention by striking just the right note. I really enjoy solving these endless puzzles of integrating visual and content. It's so important to design them together as a whole to achieve the feeling of authentic value. Users feel the difference when a design is thought out in every way. I guide the messaging through the UX process, including research, testing, wireframing, ideating, protoyping, branding, and generating content. I have a background in interviewing people to figure out what they are trying to say, and selling in the digital space. I look forward to helping bring forth your great ideas.

My responsibilities include:
•Shaping great user experiences in collaboration with cross-functional teams
•Creating fresh, powerful messaging in multiple contexts, everything from home pages to product demos to style guides to social media
•Developing/prototyping forward-thinking user experiences that resonate with our audiences
•Managing multiple messaging projects through various stages of development

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